I think about stocks, health, creativity and the design of stories (fiction scripts) – according to the principles of the scientific method, in order to maximize efficiency.

Among other things this means I try to think in probabilities and falsification.

A theory is only true when something that works confirms the theory and something that doesn’t work is in conflict with the theory.

A lot of the so-called-truisms in scriptwriting, brainstorming, day-to-day creativity and health are “path dependent” and pure myths that are born out of heuristics and or tradition.

Recently, I started to get interested in effective education.

This blog functions as a sort of personal record keeping. Whenever anyone else finds any value in some part whatsoever, I consider that a blessing.



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    • Hey Kees,

      Not as for now. I have look how to do that.

      Through Wordpess you can ask for updates.

      All in all, I might have to take a look to manage this blog a little better – since I don’t like the commercial banners WordPress puts up….


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