Your Brain is Your Body, Your Body is Your Brain

Professor Michel Bruynickx gives sports training based on the principles of “Brain Centred Learning”. Agility in Sports is not a matter of muscles, it’s a matter of brain power: coordination, focus, pattern recognition, automatization, collective thinking, etc.


For example reciting math calculations when doing a technical skill training improves the skill training.

This insight, the particular hacking of the connection between brain and body, has all sorts of potential other applications. What goes one way – must go the other way as well ?

For example in Math Classes: it might be better to score the progress of the class as a group vs score individual students. Students will be aware they are individually proficient in maths, but they wouldn’t be graded as such – the motivating factor would/could/should be: how do we score as a group?

Or: you can only solve a difficult math puzzle if you can use the solution another part of the group has come up with.

Or: you have a run through the woods. At a few points in your route, you need to solve a math problem. How fast can the group solve this math-o-run?

Very inspiring. Very true.

I’m looking into how this can be applied to “brainstorming” and “creativity”.

We know from Stanford Research walking improves creativity and brainstorming, by quite a huge factor:

So, how can this be applied any further?

Would it already help to play chess while brainstorming? Playing darts? Playing Pool? Having a choreographed dance? Or just make sure you are moving?

Afraid it will look foolish?

Not when you can improve your results, you won’t. As Amos Tversky says: “People pay an enormous price to avoid mild embarrassment”


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