A Better Way of Using Twitter

After reading this:


…it dawned on me how to use Twitter more efficiently.


Twitter is in essence a Press Agency. (Like Google is an advertisement company and Alphabet a Consumer Service Holding)

What I expect from Twitter is :

1. Entertainment. For that purpose I follow the likes of @HistoryToLearn (Lost in History) @OnePerfectShot @TheWeirdWorld (Shower Thoughts), @RickyGervais, @Julieedv etc.

2. Diversificate my bias. I am Western European, book reading, fairly high educated, two-wage household, father-of-2-sons MoFo. The world I live in, is not the real world.

98% of the people on this planet look different @ the world then I do. And nobody says MoFo anymore.

So, I try to follow other genders, people in different cultures. I’m not doing a good job here. I follow people like @ruthruthcairo@Smienos or @sknthla

I really must make a more conscious effort. It might be my best use of Twitter long term.

3. A gateway to Long-form that can blow my mind to pieces with life altering insight. This is my favorite use of Twitter. World Class Experts in any field announce their published work via Twitter.

That is crazy efficient.

Now, on how to use Twitter better (inspired by Gannon-on-Investing) :

  • Pick one hour in the week.
  • Go to the people you follow. See what they have published. See what they liked and shared.
  • When you like a Tweet, like it.
  • I have IFTT (If-this-then-that) set up. When I like a Tweet it automatically saves that Tweet in my Evernote.
  • Go to Evernote. Read what you have liked. With focus and attention. Make a conscious effort.
  • One way to retain what you read is to take notes after you read something:


1 hour a week, makes 56 hours in a year. 56 hours on Twitter per year should be plenty.

Let’s try that.








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